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Random stuff concerning Natasha

-I just finished putting pictures of my pregnancy, Baby Shower, her birth, photoshoots and other events up until now in a photo album. I just need to put some cute stickers and such in there.

-I still need to work on her Time Capsule. I just need Brian to fill out his part of things for both that and her Baby book.

-Natasha is now 3 months, 6 days old. she has been trying really hard to sit up on her own, she almost can! But when she does it right after eating, she spits up everywhere -_-

-She still hates Tummy Time, though. I force her to do it at least once everyday so she can strengthen her neck muscles and lift her head up on her own. She can hold it fairly well, but not 100% steadily. Tummy time also is supposed to help her crawl and do “push-ups” (but it’s really just her pushing herself up from off the floor with her elbows and arms.)

-My sister wants to put her in a pageant. I said no, but the more I look at her latest portraits from JC Penney, the more I am thinking of giving in. Ah, but then we’ll be criticized like the other moms on Toddler & Tiaras. At least we’d be the classiest people on there.

-She loves playing with her Play Mat that has the hanging toys, her mobile, and my Chinchilla, Blueberry :) She also loves when I sing the Old Lady and the Fly song, and watching TV, as well as when I read to her.


Natasha's 3 month portraits

Happy Couple

I'm sorry I haven't updated much lately. As you can imagine, Natasha takes up a lot of my time, even if she is really well behaved.


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Life sure has changed for me a lot these past 8 months, and plenty of them just these past 3 weeks.

-Brian and I bought a house in Boynton Beach. We closed Oct. 7th and moved in Oct. 26, so just 3 days ago.

-The baby is healthy, and the technician at the Perinatologist's office confirmed that it is indeed a girl. SO far, we only have the name Natasha Valentina picked out.

-My office is moving as well, so any boxes I am unpacking at home, I have been bringing to the office. Today was especially chaotic.

Not much else is going on. Brian and I will be going to Moonfest tonight for Halloween, where I will recycle my old Peacock costume (hey, I just spent 18K on home repairs and furniture for the new place, so I'm entitled to wear an old costume.)

What changes have you all gone through?

First Baby kick

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I just felt the baby kick for the first time.

It feels weird.

Otherwise, the whole moving situation and house remodeling has made me really stressed and anxious. I can't wait until it's all over.

Writer's Block: Share and tell

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Did you meet your significant other or best friend on LiveJournal? Tell us your story!

First question listed was submitted by missgriim. (Follow-up questions, if any, may have been added by LiveJournal.)

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We did, actually. I posted an off-topic question on a local Florida community, and he added me as a friend. I thought it was my ex crush, who is coincedentally also named Brian, so I added him back. I then noticed it wasn't him, but I chatted with him, and we went out on an awkward date. 9 years later, we're married and expecting a baby :)

Possible Mini Lolita Meet-up?

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A new Sanrio/Hello Kitty store has opened up at The Promenade shopping center in Coconut Creek, and it is about 5 minutes away froom where I live.

Anyway, they are having a Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on Saturday, October 8th, from 10-12 PM.

Would anyone be interested in having a mini meet-up? We could go to the store's Grand Opening, then either get Crepes for lunch afterwards or at the Noodle Bar in the mall.

If you are interested, let me know. It is an outdoor mall, so I suggest dressing lightly since it's hot out. Also, you might want to bring some money with you, in case you want to buy anything there (or at Claires or Francesca's or whatever.)


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Being the Practice Manager at my office is not an easy job.

But I still stand by my decision.

So here is the story:

Back in late July, one of the doctors that uses our office for appointments, surgeries, etc., dumped off a Doberman/Rottweiler mix at our office. She said he would stay until he got neutered.

However, she never got around to neutering him until I emailed her and said he was becoming a problem. He was aggressive towards other animals boarding, and had bitten me twice, as well as biting Peppermint Patty.

This was 3 weeks later.

I also reminded her that I am pregnant, and if he injures me any worse than he already has, I had no qualms making the Rescue organization he belongs to financially responsible for any medical bills I would acquire.

About a week later she finally neuters him. Instead of discharging him a day or two later, he is still there. I tell her again he is becoming increasingly aggressive. She didn’t believe me, and decides she is going to “prove to me” that he is not aggressive at all. So her dumbass decides to walk him by her dog.

Well, the dog and her dog get into a HUGE fight, which resulted in both dogs bleeding and another dog freaking out from all the barking. So she says to me, “OK, you weren’t kidding, huh?” WTF? No, I’m not kidding. So she swears up and down he will be gone by the end of the week.

The week comes and goes, he is still there. The rescue organization he belongs to has not contacted us to let us know when he will be picked up, nor have they made any attempt to pay their outstanding balance of $7,500 (that has been pending and increasing since December of last year.) I then start telling Dr.V again that if he is seriously not gone by the end of the week, or if he bites abother employee again, I will be contacting Animal Control to come and get him. In the last 3 weeks or so, I have told her this at least 2 or 3 times.

Last week she says he will have a new home, someone is adopting him. She said he will be gone by Sunday, 9/11. Again, I tell her if he is still there Monday morning when I arrive, Animal Control will be contacted, since he has now been at our office for close to 48 days and no contact nor payment has been made in regards to him. We have had to buy more food than what we usually do to feed him, and do more laundry and dishes cleaning up after him. Plus, Dr. V has not paid me nor any other employees for accomodating her freaking case, Dr. Leif has, which is not his responsibility! We have not benefitted at all from this organization.

So this morning I walk in, and who do I see in the kennel? The damn dog. It turns out his adoptive family will not be taking im, since they have a Pit Bull and do not want to risk a fight. So I walk and feed the dog, then call the Rescue organization he belongs to. I left a message saying that both Dr. Leif and I felt that the best thing to do at this point is contact Animal Control if he is not gone from our office by the end of the day, and that they can arrange to have someone pick him up at the pound at their convenience, since he has been at our office over 45 days now, and no payments have been made towards his care. Plus as my pregnancy progresses, I can no longer handle as well as I normally could.

20 minutes later, his “Owner’s” daughter called, and said she would pick him up in a few hours. OK, great. Finally. So around lunch time someone came to pick him up.

A few hours later, Dr. V calls saying the dog’s owner is in tears, saying I left a super threatening message, claiming I was going to Euthanize the dog and slaughter him (none of which I ever said.) I told Dr. V my side, then she starts saying that what I did was illegal, and next time I need to ask her first. Then she started saying I am power hungry, and Dr. Leif should consider letting me go at this point.

Her anorexia is obviously affecting her brain and thought at this point, since I told her at least twice. (And no, I’m not talking shit when I say she is anorexic. She truly is.) I tell her I’m sorry I upset the dog’s owner, but I stand by my decision. I was being put at risk, as well as my employees. We were not financially benefitting from this charity group. If anything, we were losing money.

Readers, what are your thoughts?

Jun. 5th, 2011

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So EGL is hosting a Dance themed contest this month.

I'm tempted to post a video of myself Pole Dancing in either Melty Chocolate or Old School Lolita just for the lulz.

But then that would be an open invitation for a bunch of Secrets and GTFOs to be made about me.

So should I or should I?


Photo Post

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It's been a while since I have posted some pictures, no? Brian and I got a new chinchilla. He is our 4th, but we now have 3 (since DJ died in Sept.) Baby Blueberry Isn't he just precious? He is 7 weeks old, still a baby! He is a White Mosaic/Sapphire Carrier. We named him Blueberry (and fed him a blueberry, heh!) Sapphire I thought was too feminine of a name (and kind of stripperish.) I was a Mermaid today. Most of the people at the pool were pretty amused. Two little girls kept saying "there's a mermaid in the pool!" but their caretaker had to ruin it for them by saying "there's no such thing, it's fake." Blargh. Why couldn't they just let the girls believe I'm the real deal? Anyway, later they asked me a few questions and took pictures with me. At this point in my life, I will try and make other people's day a bit brighter, even if they want to shit on mine. Plus, I'm too old to care what other people's opinion of me are. I'm not hurting anyone. If anything, I now truly believe people are jealous of the fun I'm having with myself. Sucks for them. I got tired of being bitter. I only wish the best for everyone except for maybe 2 or 3 people. If you have a tumblr, feel free to follow me: My postings are pretty random tbh, but I mainly post Mermaids, unicorns, pole dance related stuff, Disney, Lolita, things I find funny and things I find magical :3

Numbers 2 & 3 of the 4 Agreements

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‎2. Don’t Take Anything Personally
Nothing others do is because of you. What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream. When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won’t be the victim of needless suffering.  
So like I said -Jealousy and Haterade. 

3. Don’t Make Assumptions
Find the courage to ask questions and to express what you really want. Communicate with others as clearly as you can to avoid misunderstandings, sadness and drama. With just this one agreement, you can completely transform your life.
Hmm...I guess I could flat out ask if that secret is about me, but I'd rather just let it go from here.