Let your waves crash down on me

...and take me away

2 February 1982
Boynton Beach, Florida, United States
Interests: (99)
80's, apple shampoo, archie comics, beavis and butthead, bling bling, blink 182, blowing bubbles, brian, bubble baths, cats, chevelle, chinchillas, circus freaks, cirque du soleil, cocktail umbrellas, coloring, cotton candy, dashboard confessional, dice, dogs, emo, exotic/erotic dancing, eyeliner, flames, glitter, glow-in-the-dark stuff, green day, gremlins, groovenics, halloween, hbo, hooker heels, jimmy eat world, karaoke, kicking ass, kindersurprise, lit, lobster boy, making out, martini glasses, mermaids, mike the headless chicken, mtv, muppets, nickelback, no doubt, ocean avenue, oddities, one hit wonders, origami, papa roach, parrot jungle, parrots, pez, photography, pippi longstocking, plastic lawn flamingos, pole dancing, punk, pyromania, queen of the scene, red hot chili peppers, retro, ripping split ends, rockabilly, rockstar fantasies, santeria, screaming infidelities, sex and the city, sharks, sifl & ollie, six feet under, ska, skate boarding, snoopy, stabbing westward, star wars, sunflower seeds, sunny, surfing, swizzle sticks, table dancing, tarot cards, the beach, the brady bunch, the head, the little prince, the maxx, the powerpuff girls, the simpsons, tiki, tony hawk, twice the sun, understanding in car crashes, unsolved mysteries, viva las vegas, voodoo dolls, witch doctors, yellowcard
Hello, my name is Marian.

I'm 30, married, and I have a baby on the way!

My Hobby is making themed bentos for lunch, as well as Pole dancing!

I own chinchillas.

Dusty and Me


DJ and Maggie (RIP)

I live in Boynton Beach, and it's OK. Much less tacky then Miami.

Also, I'm a Seer with a evil Sneer,
A Storyteller who has yet to pen a Best Seller,
A Dancer and romancer who should not be seen as the Perfect Role Model.

I currently work at a Vet's office where I'm the HBIC, but my real plan is to become a professional Firebreathing, Pole Dancing, Aerial Silk Contortionist and Mermaid. It's true :)